3 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas Beside Traditional Turkey

Thanksgiving calls for a lavish feast with your dear ones. Is it your first time hosting and setting up a posh food spread? Wondering what to keep on the menu? If you were to count the classics, there’s a bunch of items you could choose to rustle up. What eases the hustle though? Simple and easy to cook menu. You could add a lot more to the table by putting in a lot less labor.

It is no surprise that a golden and succulent roasted turkey is at the heart and center of a Thanksgiving menu. However, turkey alone doesn’t sum up the feast. Thinking which other recipes you could put together without straying away from the classic route? Let’s list down a few traditional and lip-smacking recipes.

1. Green bean casserole

Were you not sure that sides play a crucial role in a fancy Thanksgiving spread? Well, without munching into the delicious sides, no amount of turkey will treat your palate. In the festivity though, the greens don’t take a backseat.

Prepping up for the green bean casserole is not as hard-won as you picture. You could use the organic, fresh beans or settle for the canned or the frozen ones, whichever is available. Saute heaps of mushrooms and sliced onion, just enough that it oozes beautiful flavors and aroma. The next key ingredients in the list are heavy cream and cheddar, preferably shredded. The Monterey Jack or parmesan doubles the flavor in a creamy sauce that’s used generously in the making of a casserole. The crunchy and delicious fried onions are a must.

2. Scrummy stuffing

Is it even Thanksgiving without an old-fashioned stuffing? Be it to fill up a blazing hot turkey or serve the same as a side, dinner is certainly undone without stuffing to nibble on. Tasty stuffings are a crowd-favorite for all the good reasons. What’s not to love about the crispy bread cubes with flavors of onions, celery, and a bunch of aromatics rammed into it?

You could whisk in some delicious chicken broth and add finely beaten eggs to the mix. Worried that your stuffing might turn muggy and wet? Relax! The broth and eggs are used as coatings before you pop the stuffing in the oven.

Are you trying to decide between the rustic bread options? Wondering which one is a perfect fit for the recipe? If you think that only a sourdough or a baguette hits the mark, you are mistaken. To cook the stuffing, a humble sandwich loaf or a white Pullman is just as good. Wish to experiment and play around with your recipe? Savoring a cornbread sausage recipe is truly flavorsome. Eager to cut down on carbs? A cauliflower stuffing is both delicious and health-giving.

3. Apple Pie

No recipe or flavor screams more American than a rustic apple pie. Biting into the soft and flaky crust, paired with succulent and sweet stewed apples is undeniably a luxe treat to your tastebuds. Are you gearing up to brush your baking skills? With the right recipe in hand, you couldn’t possibly scotch a classic apple pie.

Handpicking the right fruit matters much when baking apple pies. Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, and the Gala are the most favored types. Wondering what’s special about choosing an apple? It’s safe to conclude that the type of apple you cook with makes a world of difference. The tarter the apples, the easier it is to knock up a smooth jammy texture.