5 Beautiful Places to Go on Thanksgiving That Ticks The Boxes


Are you hanging hats far away from home? Not too sure if taking a break from your bustling lives involves dropping into your hometown? Pack your bags and plan a turkey day getaway instead. Wondering if vacationing defeats the point of celebrating Thanksgiving? Certainly not! Bidding farewell to your bustling routine for a while is refreshing. You could call in your old folks and cherish a sojourn in some picturesque location. Or, travel solo and explore the magnificence of new places. Enjoy guilt-free. You have been overindulging in the big fat feasts for way too long. Some time off and a twist in tradition is no biggie.

What is it that draws your interest – a hep place that’s famous for carousing or a scenic remote countryside with top-notch aesthetics and a cozy vibe? Guess what’s more? If you feel dejected having missed an opportunity to pig out a lavish Thanksgiving meal, some places don’t fail to treat your tastebuds too.

Wondering where could you escape this Thanksgiving? Check out the list of 5 breathtaking places.

1. Newport, Rhode Island – Don’t you wish to live in a pretty place, as picturesque as a painting? Did you think vacaying around the Rhode Island coastline is only summer-appropriate? The warm weathers are certainly great for touring. However, the colder months are just as good. Taking pleasure in waking up to chilly and beautiful snow-capped mansions is a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoying an exquisite Rail Explorer journey adds more to the fun and holiday.

2. Kauai, Hawaii – The charm of reclining on a pristine Hawaiin island is truly matchless. A break like such is a pretty dream. From frolicking doing killer surfing to hiking on the cliffside and lazing around the blues, holidaying in Kauai has no downers.

3. Aspen, Colorado – Are you a snow baby? Do you love the freezing months? Get packing and gather your family for a trip to Aspen. If adventure and thrills make you happy, the escapade will certainly make you jump with joy. There are n number of stunts to delight you. From skiing to touring around in snowmobiles, the bobsled rollercoasters to tubing in the snow, there’s a lot to keep you cheerful and busy.

4. Commodore Perry Estate – Is there anything better than lazing around, feasting big, and watching football? That too on a property as pretty as a picture? Probably not! Drop into the Commodore Perry Estate in Austin Texas along with your family for a fun and cherishing weekend. The delightful Thanksgiving buffet will have you awe-struck. Skip the hard labor this Thanksgiving and head into this good-looking property.

5. Lake Placid, NY – Treat your inner history buff by planning a trip to Lake Placid. Mostly known for the famous Olympic Museum, the place is striking in all good ways. Did you think adventure is not too impressive in Lake Placid? Wrong! Have a merry time skating in the icing and tubing in the frost. Picking a good lodge to hang your hats in amplifies the joy of your holiday. When in Lake Placid, do not skip reserving a stay in The Whiteface Lodge. From carousing and taking pleasure in the nightly s’mores to rewinding and taking laps in a heated indoor pool.