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by author of Spies by Night – fans gave it 5 stars!… comes—-
ASIAN LANTERNS! rating 4 stars
in 1975 :
Alarms go off on desks all sides of the Atlantic.
In the U.S. a retired General pulls dossiers and asks for resumes.
Jack the Customs Agent is on the top of the List: 10 years of Aeronautical and Engineering experience and solid background in mainframes. Not enough knowledge in the field for the new job, silicon chips.
Have to get another resume, fast.
Stephen White Expeditions Specialist has to be recalled from retirement, Air Force Flight Test ommander,, Program and Evaluaiton of Integratefd Softwawre Systems… sounds like a good fit . He calls him up: “Come to Chicago!”
Then the Russians arrive. Investigator White finds no data on any database on who Natasha and Sergei really are. A..Are they femme fatale and assassin extraordinaire, or really who they say they are: the new and forward looking future leaders?
A war in the Middle East quickly comes to an end called by Eu & USA Operation Desert Storm …. the war ends but a faction does not step down … they set u plans uniting many when years go by a man removed to Moscow from Yemen … he holds an ornament a tiny Dagger giving him the authority to call off or start a war… he grows old, forgetful, mindful of past he forgets the grievances were settled long ago; senile in his last years he passed the Dagger to his son.

Author Dale Kagan has a Masters in Business Admin. , Product Marketing Mgr for large S & P company (retired) &
added 21 credits for Politics & Global Economics
VOLUME 1 – The Future is Now begun. The son did not know the war was long over calls the factions globally… to start…. over time those who overheard search to possess it
It begins -NASA & Russian technical crews arrange Mir the Russian space station & U capsule dock in space, exchange visiting astronauts in symbolic space orbit exchange that permits once in a lifetime tech conference to build airlock open technology both sides…
2007: Phone rings on Jack’s desk!
Jack Berquist, new credentials with ink barely dry would read “Homeland Security”– assigned with Bjorn — jets to Europe.
16 nations now launch telesats….
In this multi-player venue – UK & EU Intelligence — after defending New York City — U.S. Agents are sent to Interpol, M6 and others join to repel the growing interlocking terrorists, threatening areas around the Globe.
Arriving in Switzerland to thwart one faction — Jack joined his counterpart in London!
The European Union (EU) expected a new angle and request Jack to the Team!
Bjorn Jansen, a polished M6 Agent office nearby to Scotland Yard — few knew where — now moving in high risk money manager circles & high stakes in an anti-terrorist & counter -intelligence cyber war arena!
Jack adds his American talent to a find -the -hostage mission….
Welcome to 21st century!
In the United States diplomacy goes on … warring factions FROM OVERSEAS meet for drinks & theater & ironically these newer VISITORS CANNOT MEET IN SAME ROOM BACK in home country….
Historic “peace dividend”,, expected to continue 50 years, collapses….
VOLUME 2 – hidden Dagger to call off the War —???
Phones ring on Space Force desk.
Using USA as HQ, Ezekiel adds itself to the “SPACE FORCE”! – ?
Star Council, replacing Ezekiel, assigns job to an unknown– Lt. Sarah Denmark w/ her son Stan Denmark in her footsteps!
Vol 3 No phone—
LANTERNS OVER DEMNER, science fiction/ mystery “crossover” at its very best!
Wendnagel tall blond female telepath can hear the Shades on planet Dauropa. A terraformed world in the Demner Valley – a social held by Eccles in the castle… she arrives reserving first & last dance for fiancé Aaron Tennyson.
Diplomats think O’Connors aide to Ramón will win her love; even as curly redhead plans Aaron & Wendnagel to elope!
Enter tall, with very long dark-hair, regal Councilwoman Lim.

Publisher‏:‎Twelfth Night Press Corp.; 2nd edition (January 10, 2014)
Publication date‏:‎January 10, 2014
File size‏:‎5909 KB
Enhanced typesetting‏:‎Enabled
X-Ray‏:‎Not Enabled
Word Wise‏:‎Enabled
Print length‏:‎563 pages
Lending‏:‎Not Enabled

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