Suzuki, Honda, Pastrane Airbrush Studios, S&S, Lonesome Road Choppers,

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This publication is a professional quality DVD video, illustrating Suzuki, Honda, Pastrane Airbrush Studios, S&S, Lonesome Road Choppers, Sportbike Customs, BMW Oldies, Moto Guzzi, Bourget’s Bike Works, Super, and other custom motorcycle designs. The beautiful wide-angle, and close-up shots in this video illustrate the key artistic and engineering design concepts of achieving often amazing products, exciting the customer and creating motorbikes, that customers want and desire. (See more about these methods and technologies in Professor Ranky’s Library.) Level: Custom motorbike designers and enthusiasts, industrial designers and technicians, industrial engineers, quality control engineers, welding engineers and technicians, manufacturing systems engineers, machinists, artists, safety engineers, ergonomics engineers, marketing engineers, and others interested in creating amazing designs and excitement quality expressed in innovative product / process designs. Also ideal for high school, community college, undergraduate / graduate education and research learning about how to create amazing custom designs, how to excite students about engineering, science and innovation, how to customize and ‘jazz-up’ products, how to think outside the box, create excitement quality, satisfy customer needs and desires. Also ideal for communicating the importance of quality hand-crafts and workmanship, system integration, the joy of creating exciting products by deploying customization and NPI&I (New Product & Process Innovation) methods.

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