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ARRISEA sink faucet feature

That’s reason why the ARRISEA to be the mostly reassuring and great value sink faucet.

Two sensing activating modes. (including: touch on activate and touchless activate) Three water flow modes. (Note: special strong water flow mode, increase more 60% flow than other brand) Five layers electroplated coating. (Note: ensure that will not leak by internal rust within 10 years) Multilayer gasket. (Note: built-in silicon seal in every joint) Special ceramic valve. (Note: ensure accurate water temperature and valve don’t loosen) Easy to install.(Note: ARRISEA sink faucet is a preassemble include in all of the installation parts you need.)Most of all, when you get a defective item, please don’t worry about it. We can not stand that a defective faucet was delivered to the ARRISEA Prime. The only thing you need to do is that let us konw your trouble. We will give you the best solution in time.


ARRISEA touchless kitchen sink faucet has two activating modes that can be switched easily!

1.The reason why Sensor false:

Don’t turn it on. Battery power off. The connecting gets down.Wrong operation gesture

2.How to deal with them?

Pat the sensor area three times to turn on. Change the battery. Check the connecting line.Viewing the operation video

3.How to switch these activated modes?

The original mode is the touch feature. If you want to use the touchless function, you can touch the gooseneck three times. It will be switched to the touchless.And if you don’t like the touchless function, you’re able to touch it three times again. It will be switched to the manual mode. And if you want to use the touch feature, you just need to switch it by the same way.Note: Please turn off the handle when you finish the cleaning work or go out.



1. ARRISEA farmhouse faucet with 24 inches pulldown hose can increase the cleanning area.

2. ARRISEA farmhouse kitchen faucet with the gravity system and the free rotating function of the nozzle joint can easily pull it back and snap it by the U-lock when you’ve done using the nozzle. It will keep docking and will not droop over time like ‘other taps.

3. The more outlets and strong waterflow mode can increases the faucet’s waterflow rate by 60% than other sink faucet.

4. ARRISEA sensing kitchen faucet has controled the water temperature between 80°F and 140°F to protect you away from scalding.


TWO methods to prevent leaking: multi-layer electroplated coating and ceramic vavle,( Note: Hot-Cold hose are preassemble.) that can prevent leaking from the interior.ARRISEA movation sensor system adopts unique split type design different from last generation sensor. Newest motion sensor system could be seperate to hang on so that repalce battery easily.


Three tips to check the touchless faucet when you instal it.

1. Check: Please check out all of the installation parts you need, including the Metal Deck Plate and all gaskets.

2. Check: Please make sure all of the gaskets in the right place so that prevent leaking happening.

3. Check: Please make sure all of the hoses to be separated in case intertwined and disturbing the sensor.


Tightening the supply hoses and separate them to the pull-down hose in case that the sensor doesn’t work.Wraping the metal hose, signal line and power line with the electrical tape.

There are some tips to solve your doubts about the ARRISEA touchless faucet.

Q: How does the ARRISEA touchless kitchen faucet activate by air gesture?

A: Firstly, You wave your hand near it to control the water flow. It’s due to the hand moves rapidly in the tap’s magnetic field that causes the sensor to produce an electrical signal. That’s the reason why the faucet works by air gesture.

Q: How do you do when it turns on and off automatically?

A: Don’t worry about it. The only thing you need to do is Wraping the metal hose, signal line and power line with the electrical tape. This is important if you are having getting it into a normal state.

Q: What do you do if the faucet leaks from the base?

A: Please make sure the rubber washer in the joint between the top fitting and the white sensor box and tighten all of the hoses.

Q: How do you bypass the electronics to control the faucet?

A: You’re able to get off the signal line and power line to bypass the electronics

Q: What do you do if the touchless feature doesn’t work?

A: Please make sure the battery with setting up correctly, and reset the power by getting off the power line. And you need to transfer the touch feature to the touchless feature by touching it three times.

【How to make the kitchen to be easier?—Dual activating modes】: No longer using the switch handle with your messy hand, just touching anywhere (Not include: Sprayer) or closing the gooseneck on the kitchen tap with your hand or forearm to start and stop the flowing, near untouched cleaning design.
【What about the sensor accuracy of the pull down faucet?—0.5s reaction time & 3 inches touchless range】: Accurately motion sensor and starting the water, touch faucet for kitchen sink automatically stops the water within 3 minutes when detecting no movement to save water.
【Why does your faucet leak?—Rust did it】:Most of the kitchen faucet leaking has caused by internal rust. ARRISEA stainless steel sink faucets takes special ceramic valve, the stainless steel tube, and three NSF-certified water hoses to ensure that will not leak by internal rust within 10 years. Besides, ARRISEA brushed nickel kitchen faucet has done the special treatment at every joint to keep its leakage.
【Don’t fret the low flow!—Multifunctional Sprayer and strong mode for your choice】: If you get the low flow in your pipe, please increases the faucet’s flow rate by 60% by the strong mode. The smart kitchen faucet with sprayer has retractable 24” hose that can be suited for 14” to 32”kitchen sink.
【Two step after-sale service—100% satisfied solution】: Whether it’s human damage or equipment failure, as soon as the faucet stops working, you will get a new brushed nickel faucet within three days by contacting customer service on the Amazon question board.

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